George Enfield, MHR, M.Ed., LPC

George Enfield is a Licensed Professional Counselor, who has been working in Mental Health since 1993. During this time he has focused extensively on the treatment of children. He possesses Masters Degrees from University of Oklahoma in Human Relations and a second Masters degree from Xavier University in Agency and community counseling. George has worked in therapeutic nurseries, Community mental health centers, and provided mental health consultation services to Head Start and Early Head Start. His experiences include counseling Children in a locked in patient psychiatric hospital, working in a community based mental health center, providing debriefing to first responders in the Oklahoma City Bombing, and being a part of a comprehensive assessment team for the treatment of young Children.

George approaches each child and family openly and with a desire to understand the way the child is experiencing the world. George continues to draw on his experiences in play and sand play therapy to joint with children to develop a positive therapeutic relationship. This holistic approach has shown positive benefits to many children and families. His attention to the behavioral language of play and other expressive arts has allowed him to develop and translate his unique perspective of, the language of play, for families. This has been especially true for children with developmental concerns, learning differences, spectrum disorders, anxiety and trauma histories.

He has also utilized his experiences in the treatment of children to provide multiple trainings nationally, and been a contributing author to three books. Georges training experiences have been at all levels of experience from child care providers, and parents to health professionals and State/ County organizations. While George has a significant amount of experience with many divers Mental Health and training concerns he is most comfortable and feels the highest degree of success and confidence working with the following concerns; ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders ( ASD’s), Anxiety, Learning Differences, Early Childhood concerns, behavioral implications of sensory integration disorder, child relational issues, Oppositional Defiant children, Post partum issues, and trauma histories.