Group Psychotherapy Services

Dr Lewis Weber and Associates has one of the largest private practice group therapy programs in the state of Virginia. We have long had a commitment to psychotherapy groups and continue to expand the number of groups that we offer. Our group therapy program has been strongly influenced by Dr. Weber. Dr. Weber has spent over 50 years leading at least three different psychotherapy groups a week. He has led in-patient, out-patient and critical incident debriefing groups. He has led numerous workshops and trainings in group therapy nationally and internationally. John Savides has led substance abuse groups for over 40 years, including treatment with impaired professionals. Christy Riebling has supervised and led group therapies in private practice and university settings for over 25 years.George Enfield has led and supervised numerous childten and adolescent groups for over 25 years. Carrie Schaffer has learned and supervised groups for over 30 years. Other members of our practice have also had extensive group therapy experience. We are very proud of the level of expertise in our practice offers.

Group Psychotherapy provides a living arena in which to work. Group therapy members experience interpersonal relationships and their own dynamics in a safe confidential environment with other motivated people. The group provides unique relationships for both the participant and the leader. Groups offer a very special learning experience. Members have an opportunity to get feedback on how others see them and to share some of their inner secrets and struggles. The opportunity to see yourself through others eyes as well as to be able to see yourself in others' behavior provides a very special learning opportunity. We spend a lot of our life in groups, i.e. family groups, school groups, work groups, play groups, etc. Group members have a chance to learn about group dynamics and what makes groups work. We also find that the combination of group and individual psychotherapy allows people to do in-depth work that can strongly contribute to an individual's growth and healing.

Group therapies do not include members that know each other or have knowledge of any family members or friends of other members of the group.

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