Jessica Kostelnik, PhD, LCP

Practitioner Name Jessie Kostelnik is a licensed psychologist providing therapy and counseling services to adults who may be struggling with sadness, anxiety, relationship distress, loneliness, grief, issues of early adulthood, eating disorders, post-partum adjustment, or addiction. Some people find it helpful to work with her on general long-standing issues, such as low self-esteem, while others are seeking support for managing specific recent stressors, such as career crises. She also provides counseling to couples.

A graduate of Williams College and the University of Virginia, Dr. Kostelnik received the Z Society's Shannon Award for most outstanding graduate student in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences upon completion of UVA's doctoral program in clinical psychology. Her pre-and-postdoctoral experience includes positions at the Mary D. Ainsworth Psychological Clinic, Western State Hospital, UVA's Department of Family Medicine, the Baltimore Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and UVA's Institute of Law, Psychiatry, and Public Policy. Her research interests include issues relevant to both psychology and the law, and she has recently been involved with the implementation of psychiatric advance directives in Virginia.

Phone:  (434) 963-0324, ext 12