Robert Lacy, MA

Practitioner Name Robert is a resident in counseling working towards licensure as an LPC. He holds a bachelor's degree in jazz studies from Loyola University New Orleans and a master's degree from Eastern Mennonite University in counseling. In his transition from professional musician to counselor, Robert worked as a registered yoga teacher and taught a variety of populations from young children to adults struggling with a range of medical needs. Here, he found a passion for seeking informed and creative solutions to help individuals discover their inner resources and overcome mental obstacles through a connection to their breath and body. Most recently, Robert was a clinician at Eastern Mennonite's college counseling center and worked with a wide range of presenting problems including depression, neurodevelopmental disorders, self-harming behaviors, and substance abuse. His theoretical orientation and training are in psychodynamic therapy with an emphasis in attachment theory. Through this lens, he seeks to cultivate a therapeutic environment that honors the uniqueness of each individual while holding space for undiscovered potential. Robert will be working with children and adolescents as a play therapist. He will also be working with adults.

Phone:  (434) 963-0324, ext 6