Leslie McPherson, MSW, LCSW

Leslie McPherson Leslie McPherson, MSW, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker with over 30 years of experience. While an undergraduate at Brown University, Leslie studied comparative world religions. She received her Master's Degree in clinical social work from The University of Chicago, where she worked with culturally diverse adults from ages 25-95.

Her specialty areas include life stage transitions; grief and loss; anxiety; depression; life/work balance; healthy aging; and helping people reclaim their authentic inner wisdom. Trained as a family systems and cognitive behavioral therapist, Leslie seeks to provide a compassionate environment in which people can explore replacing problematic patterns, and gain insight into living more freely and fully. In addition to traditional psychotherapeutic modalities, Leslie is also trained in clinical hypnosis, and uses mindfulness practices and breath work regularly with clients if they are interested. She believes passionately that we are always capable of change and growth, if we are willing to expand our perspective, and gently practice new ways of thinking and being with ourselves and others.

Phone:  (434) 963-0324, ext. 20